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French amateur artist, based near Paris, self-taught passionate about photography and painting, and painter since the age of 18.

This revelation for Art was born thanks to Impressionist painters, with the opening of the Musée d’Orsay in 1986. The discovery of the drawings and colors of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, the pastels of Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and in particular “La Toilette”, Edgar Degas and his dancers, Gustave Caillebotte for his angles of view and his eye as a photographer, Alfred Sisley and William Turner for their skies, and finally Claude Monet for his impressions of shadows and light.

1988, NY, MUSEUM of the MET, he discovers by chance “The Park Monceau” by Claude Monet.
Failing to find a satisfactory reproduction or an affordable copy, he decided to start painting in oil, and to make his first copy.

It didn’t take much to spark a passion for painting. Seventeen years spent empirically discovering oil, copying impressionists to learn the techniques of drawing, perspective, architecture, impressions, shadows and lights.

For several years he took courses in live modeling, drawing, sculpture and painting in various workshops in the Ile de France.

Oil painting requiring long phases of work incompatible with his profession, since the 2000s, Stéphane then continued in drawing and watercolor. These techniques allow you to take a picture even for an hour of work without worrying about drying problems and time elapsed.

More recently, in addition to watercolour, Stéphane began to create a series of drawings with pencils and pastels, including many chiaroscuro.

He photographs, draws and paints movement, shadow and light.

“Art is the year of constraint lives on struggle and dies of freedom” André Gide

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