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Pencil and Pastel drawings
Originals and art prints numbered and signed, accompanied by a certificate, for any purchase, you can visit the Shop

SM-ART – Diana Ross 70s
SM-ART – Léopard
SM-ART – Che Guevara – Viva la Revolucion
SM-ART – The Desperate – Gustave Courbet
SM-ART – Girafe
SM-ART – Zebra in the Sun
SM-ART – First man in space without link above the Earth
SM-ART – Neil Armstrong, US Flag on the Moon Avec Flag
SM-ART – Neil Armstrong, First man on the Moon
SM-ART – Bonobo’s Intelligence
SM-ART – Gorilla
SM-ART -Elephant
SM-ART – John Lennon
SM-ART -Aubade – 6th Lesson
SM-ART -Big Elephant
SM-ART – Zebre de profil
SM-ART – Nu zébré
SM-ART – Nu Aubade
SM-ART – Léon – Jean Reno et Nathalie Portman
SM-ART – Chuttttt !
SM-ART – Danseuse en tutu
SM-ART – Chat de profil
SM-ART – Chaussons de danse
SM-ART – Femme au chignon
SM-ART – Agapanthes
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