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You have the possibility to place an order for paintings or original drawings, portraits or animals, reproductions made from good quality photos, sufficiently lit, clear and contrasted

Your order is made from photos, handmade, to choose according to the technique:

  • Drawing,
  • Pastel,
  • Watercolor,
  • Oil or Acrylic Painting.

Example of framing with all-rounder, uv-proof glass, anti-reflections and a frame whose angles are patinated by hand after assembly.

Many formats and options available, choice of support, color of the all-rounder, framing.
Shipping to France and abroad

Select a clear photo, of sufficient definition, and whose lighting is preferably natural, with the sun in the back or on the side.
It should be possible to zoom in on the image and see perfect details or outlines of the subject. Choose contrasting photos, the subject of which stands out from the background or the landscape. Do not select a photo that is too small or blurry.
A photo can be refused if it does not have a quality / definition / contrast sufficient or does not correspond at all to the tastes of the artist and does not allow to achieve a quality work.
In doubt, do not hesitate to send several photos, taking care that it is not compressed by the mail transfer.

You can contact and send your photos by email via the contact form or email to